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    Though not meant to replace all other forms of marketing, Social Media connects people to a conversation and ongoing relationship to your brand or cause.

    Feeling philosophical?

    Our Approach to Digital Strategy

    Who We Are

    We built our foundation on being able to successfully consult on leadership and marketing issues with high level political, business and educational leaders.

    We create social media content, cultivate online Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and build WordPress based websites. This is what we do. But why we do it is because we believe that stories, data-driven insights, clear goals, meaningful effort and fun are good for our team, good for our clients, and good for marketing in general. By good we mean that both the journey and the destination are rewarding and successful. Our roots stem from teaching organizational and business leadership. In 2002, Expio Founder and Owner Andy Roller developed an award-winning leadership program at USC in conjunction with their Leadership Center. The program spread to dozens of universities. From there, we built on that foundation. Successfully consulting business leaders concerning complex digital marketing issues in industries as varied as politics to oil and gas, to retail and food is the heart of what we do. Our first social media client started with us in 2007. Since then, we’ve had the honor of working in more than a dozen industries using a vast range of social strategies and campaigns.

    Meet The Leadership Team

    Why Social Media?

    We think marketing solely with the intent to sell is like going on a date with the sole intent of getting to the next kiss.

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