Our Approach

Creating an engaged team in our offices to engage an audience on behalf of the clients we serve.


You’ll get a dedicated Community Manager from the Expio team. He or she will setup and direct your business social media campaigns 7 days a week. Services include designing custom Facebook posts, with the best writing and strategic creativity inspired by your business goals. We take a lot of pride and attention to detail with our social media accounts. Your business deserves it. Start today by contacting us.
One of the most important things you can do with your website: create a strategy for search traffic. We’ll help you understand keys to tracking, monitoring and improving the most important aspects of SEO. This includes creating a detailed analysis of your market, your goals and success metrics. Then, researching keyword and ad groups to optimize your presence in search engines. Searchers are ready, let’s start earning those clicks together.
For us, the most important thing about a website is first knowing exactly why someone would be visiting. Sound simple? Well, the truth is there are thousands of businesses with websites with a lot of content nobody will ever remember or use. We’re here to design and track real results from real, proven design and data. We work mostly with WordPress sites. You take the “keys to your car”, and with it the login credentials and long-term admin rights of your site. It’s a win-win situation. Get started by requesting a web design proposal package today.
What does your customer need from you online? What’s your message? Have you mapped out the customer experience you’d like people to experience from your online presence? Sometimes, the most important thing a business can do is zoom out and rework its approach to digital marketing. We’ve worked with some incredible companies, coming together to ask tough questions and implement new strategies for online success. Contact us today for more information about audits from Expio.

Not just ROI. It’s about achieving your unique goals.

  • Expanding your online presence and audience
  • Protecting and strengthening your online image
  • Responding swiftly to leads or other opportunities
  • Spreading your story and message
  • Designing attractive and optimized images with posts
  • Analyzing data and reporting valuable key takeaways for next steps
  • Providing education, outreach, and value to your online community
  • Creating top of mind awareness for your brand
  • Handling complaints or issues quickly and effectively
You are doing a great job on the presentation. The Facebook page looks great. Thanks for all your hard work!Camie, (Marketing Coordinator, Sonic Drive-In)

Engage your audience with our help

Only 17% of companies identify their social strategy as mature. Consumers now expect to be able to interact socially with your brand from both a sales and marketing standpoint as well as a customer care perspective.

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