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SEO Basics: Two Brutally Honest Questions You Should Ask Yourself About Your Website

By Joshua | December 5, 2018

SEO Honesty Leads To Better User Experience, Results Be honest. Why would anyone visit your website? Do users actually want or need the content on your website? There are moments in life where suddenly everything becomes clear. The day you decide to buy an engagement ring, for example. Well, when it comes to planning your newest website content, we suggest …

Common Mistakes All Bloggers Make And How To Turn Them To Your Advantage

By Joshua | October 25, 2018

Your Brilliant Blog Piece May Be Undermined By These Common Blunders I’m emerging from a fresh round of blog edits here at Expio HQ. Fresh on the mind are the common blogging mistakes we all make. Even the best marketers and bloggers make them. Whether keeping header capitalization styles consistent or not using consistent comma rules, you’ve probably slipped into …

So you got a lot of Reach on your ad. Who cares? Thoughts on true ad performance.

By Joshua | August 28, 2018

With $100 you can reach thousands of people. That’s pretty amazing, right? The marketing tools of today are within a click’s reach, and they boast incredible numbers. With Facebook, $50 and a click of that “Boost” button, you can reach thousands of people. And, you know what, tThere is something pretty cool about that. It’s definitely not like the old media …

How to Move Your Website to a New Address: An SEO’s Guide

By Joshua | April 18, 2018

Looking to freshen up your web presence with a new domain? Did your business recently rebrand or change its name? Find a better domain? Want to get away from “.net” or other uncommon addresses? We’ve got you covered. This guide will ensure you have a successful and SEO-sound site migration. We recommend checking your website daily for potential problems after …

My Best Single Tip to Improve SEO

By Joshua | October 18, 2017

By Joshua Godsey Produce blogs, or landing page content that answer low competition, high-traffic keyword queries in your area of expertise. SEO is about keywords. Keywords that trigger content. The goal here is to identify what keywords are opportunities, and then write content to answer them. Ask yourself a few questions in order to make this happen. Are you able …

New AdWords Interface Design Rolls Out

By Joshua | October 17, 2017

Google Redesigns AdWords Interface The much-improved interface from AdWords came out to users last Wednesday. We think it’s a big improvement over the previous design. Though, there are some bugs we’ve noticed, like text being cut off in certain spaces. But we’re sure they’ll correct those quickly. The look and feel is much cleaner and easier to navigate. We’ve found …

How We Build Trust As An Agency

By Joshua | July 25, 2017

Quality, Weekly Communication Regular communication may be the most important thing that builds trust between an agency and the brand they represent. Digital marketing strategies require a lot of detail, planning, and execution. Those things simply can’t happen without regular check ins, updates, reports and collaborative communication. One email per week helps build trust by providing consistency. It also shows …

How to Link Instagram to Facebook for Social Media Admins

By Joshua | June 19, 2017

View, Respond and Engage on Instagram Directly from Facebook Pages Facebook is attempting to make social media management on both Facebook and Instagram more easy. The new Facebook “inbox” (still rolling out to most admins) features the ability to view, and respond to engagement on Instagram profiles, right from the Facebook notifications area. This allows for desktop engagement on the …

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