A Great Facebook Page Is Engaging, Not Merely Likes

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The Quality of a Click Isn’t 1:1 http://vimeo.com/71025901 The value of a click isn’t 1:1. Some clicks are people simply browsing your page, most likely bouncing off your page in seconds. Some are spam. When you study your web analytics, delineate why and how clicks are making their way all the way to a sale, or to the page you …

Social Networking Should Be Clear and Meaningful

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So you’ve heard back from a follower on a social site like LinkedIn or Twitter. Great! They’ve been watching your posts and want to know more about what you do. Now, you’ve got their attention. But, how do you keep it? And, more importantly, how do you turn attention into a closed deal? Most deals take a minimum of 7 …

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3 Rules For Turning Garbage Content Into Significant Content

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What’s the point of social media for you? We suggest performing a litmus test against yourself and your online content strategy. Does it make sense? Would you personally engage with the content you’ve been producing? Are you progressing or just making noise? Get real with yourself and your staff. Self examination brings clarity. If you don’t, you’ll end up wasting your …

Assuming In Extremes About Social Media Isn’t Good For Anyone

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Gaining balanced perspective for online creativity Some say social media is the only way to succeed in the business world, especially in the near future. Others say an online presence is completely unnecessary. Truth is, both are wrong. A presence won’t be the silver bullet that creates and grows your business. On the other hand, if you’re not online as …

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Our Business Core Values – Andy Roller

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Transcript: From the beginning, our approach has been to give meaning, dignity and fun to our work. We want to provide a great place to work for our team members. We want to create engaged people who create engaged customers and constituents on behalf of the people we serve, the people who become clients. We contribute to our economy and …

5 Reasons Why We Shudder at the New Rippln App

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You may have heard about a new so-called viral App called Rippln – you may have even been invited to join the “inner circle”. Well, it’s not viral yet. A video posted on YouTube boasts that users can become part of the beginnings of the next Facebook and make millions off of its success. They even claim that soon, the …