Using Google Search Console to find Anchor Text for External Links

Dealing with Spam Referral Traffic in Website Analytics

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So, You’ve Noticed Referral Traffic from Spam Sites If you’ve ever taken a look at analytics for your website, you’ll have seen sites like these inside the referral traffic category. What are these sites? Are they real people? Should I be concerned about hackers? Why are they visiting my site? Should I do something about it? Spam Bots …

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Hey, two websites for one business isn’t a good idea for SEO…

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A company talking to us this week is experiencing a major problem with their brand-new website.  Well, sites, plural. Inexplicably, they recently decided two websites would be better, investing thousands into design. Perhaps, the effort would bring double the traffic? To their upmost surprise and dismay, one of the two sites became so far buried in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), …

6 Strategies for Writing Great Business Blogs - Expio

6 Strategies for Writing Great Business Blogs: For Agencies and Marketers

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There are thousands of new business blogs being published online everyday. To earn a new customer from blogging as a business, it takes strategy, and attention to detail. Competition is fierce. And the “noise” is loud. Attention from readers is hard to come by. If you’re writing new blog content for an agency, or your own business, this post is for …

3 Quotes that will Challenge and Improve Your Marketing Strategy (Slider)

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To succeed in competitive online marketplaces, brands need constant communication and optimization between channels with human expertise serving as the link between technology platforms - Michael Mothner, Columnist Modern marketing requires deep customer understanding to drive meaningful engagement. - Andrew Jones, Altimeter Group Never before has the human race been better at spotting a fake. The viewer’s eye has become ...

Your Business By The People For The People

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People want to interact with friendly company representatives and they want a personalized experience. It’s important to make the most out of the time you have with each client. By building relationships, you implement trust and respect which in return will make it easier to communicate and understand each client’s goals. Since that first contact is so important, you want …

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A Starter’s Toolkit for SEO Rookies

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6 Steps Level of Difficulty – Easy Intro For most business owners, getting to the top of Google is a big deal. If not there, you want it. You want it so badly. Every time you search in a Google page, it’s the competition, and not you who are dominating the page. It can be an awful feeling, especially when those competitors aren’t comparable. …

9 Facts that Prove Social Media has Changed the World Forever

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Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Other Social Media Platforms’ Impact From relationships to how we choose our next meal, Social Media has woven itself into the fabric of mankind. Overkill much? We don’t think so. Check out the 9 Facts That Prove Social Media Has Changed the World Forever…   The Facts If Facebook were a country, it would be the third …

The Genius of Brevity

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Ernest Hemingway was once challenged to write a story in 6 words or less: “For sale. Baby Shoes. Never Worn.” He would love twitter.#KeepItBrief

4 Determining Factors for Successful AdWords - Expio Consulting

4 Determining Factors for AdWords Strategy Success

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Criteria for Conversion Success or Failure Four quick questions to ask yourself when starting a new AdWords campaign. 1. Website The url corresponding with each ad meets the needs of the searcher – Yes/No 2. AdWords Ad The Ad is relevant and compelling to the needs of the searcher – Yes/No 3. Keywords The keyword matches the needs of the searcher …


23 Ways to Achieve “High-Quality” Website Status

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A Google Expert’s Checklist “This website doesn’t load fast enough.” “This website has duplicate content.” “It needs quality content before Google will begin listing this site in Search.” “Your site has a bunch of issues.” “The Google listing for your business is all wrong.” The phone rings. It’s an SEO expert with a laundry list of problems you’ve never even …