SEO Honesty Leads To Better User Experience, Results

SEO Basics: Two Brutally Honest Questions You Should Ask Yourself About Your Website

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SEO Honesty Leads To Better User Experience, Results Be honest. Why would anyone visit your website? Do users actually want or need the content on your website? There are moments in life where suddenly everything becomes clear. The day you decide to buy an engagement ring, for example. Well, when it comes to planning your newest website content, we suggest …

What is a good performing ad and how to know - Expio Digital Marketing

So you got a lot of Reach on your ad. Who cares? Thoughts on true ad performance.

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With $100 you can reach thousands of people. That’s pretty amazing, right? The marketing tools of today are within a click’s reach, and they boast incredible numbers. With Facebook, $50 and a click of that “Boost” button, you can reach thousands of people. And, you know what, tThere is something pretty cool about that. It’s definitely not like the old media …

How We Build Trust As An Agency Joshua Godsey - Expio

How We Build Trust As An Agency

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Quality, Weekly Communication Regular communication may be the most important thing that builds trust between an agency and the brand they represent. Digital marketing strategies require a lot of detail, planning, and execution. Those things simply can’t happen without regular check ins, updates, reports and collaborative communication. One email per week helps build trust by providing consistency. It also shows …

3 Quotes that will Challenge and Improve Your Marketing Strategy (Slider)

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To succeed in competitive online marketplaces, brands need constant communication and optimization between channels with human expertise serving as the link between technology platforms - Michael Mothner, Columnist Modern marketing requires deep customer understanding to drive meaningful engagement. - Andrew Jones, Altimeter Group Never before has the human race been better at spotting a fake. The viewer’s eye has become ...

Your Business By The People For The People

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People want to interact with friendly company representatives and they want a personalized experience. It’s important to make the most out of the time you have with each client. By building relationships, you implement trust and respect which in return will make it easier to communicate and understand each client’s goals. Since that first contact is so important, you want …

The Genius of Brevity

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Ernest Hemingway was once challenged to write a story in 6 words or less: “For sale. Baby Shoes. Never Worn.” He would love twitter.#KeepItBrief

Illustration - Three Things Sales Leaders Need to Get Right Every Day - Expio Consulting

3 Things Sales Leaders Need to Get Right Every Day

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On a Google Hangout I recently interviewed John Sahid. We talked about sales training and managing others in sales, the relationship between sales and marketing, social media impact on B2B healthcare sales, and the best emails received or sent in terms of connecting for sales opportunities. Here are some quick takeaways- three key things that sales leaders need to get …

Create the Perfect Holiday Brand Post With These Ideas

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Pick our brain. We’re feeling generous this holiday season and want to give out some of the ideas that helped us form our content strategies this holiday season. If you’re struggling to make the perfect holiday post on your business Facebook page, or Twitter, we think you’ll find these useful. Check out some ideas to make your page shine this holiday season. …

Achieving S.M.A.R.T Goals with Asana

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I came across SMART goals a couple of years ago as a way to set realistic goals that address the problems of ambiguity and irrelevance. SMART stands for: Specific – Target a specific area for improvement. Measurable – Quantify or at least suggest an indicator of progress. Assignable – Specify who will do it. Realistic – State what results can …