how to create a business facebook page.

Eight Tips for Creating a Successful New Facebook Business Page

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In Addition to a Website, Every Great Company Needs a Well-Strategized Facebook Presence Facebook is an excellent tool for businesses for a few huge reasons: brand awareness, lead generation and communication, to name a few. Setting up a Facebook business page is easy, but smart companies have a plan in place before getting started. It’s also important to get real …

respond to every social media client

How To Train Social Media Managers To Respond To Followers

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Why it’s Critical to Respond to Every Social Media Follower, Even the Angry Ones Thanks (or no thanks) to social media, we’re inundated daily with bad news about good companies… an airline losing a beloved family dog; a cruise ship with a food-borne illness; a car manufacturer with a defect linked to accidents; a coffee chain changing up its rewards …

What is a good performing ad and how to know - Expio Digital Marketing

So you got a lot of Reach on your ad. Who cares? Thoughts on true ad performance.

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With $100 you can reach thousands of people. That’s pretty amazing, right? The marketing tools of today are within a click’s reach, and they boast incredible numbers. With Facebook, $50 and a click of that “Boost” button, you can reach thousands of people. And, you know what, tThere is something pretty cool about that. It’s definitely not like the old media …

How to Link Instagram to Facebook for Social Media Admins

How to Link Instagram to Facebook for Social Media Admins

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View, Respond and Engage on Instagram Directly from Facebook Pages Facebook is attempting to make social media management on both Facebook and Instagram more easy. The new Facebook “inbox” (still rolling out to most admins) features the ability to view, and respond to engagement on Instagram profiles, right from the Facebook notifications area. This allows for desktop engagement on the …

Facebook Page Templates 2017 Guide from Expio Digital Marketing

A Guide to Facebook’s New Page Templates for 2017

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Enhanced Shopping Options, Better Call-to Action sections, and new Visual Options for Services, Products and More Manage Facebook Page Tabs on the Left Side, and Sections in the Middle Template Options Facebook has released new Facebook Page Templates. That means if you haven’t made the upgrade, you’re currently set as a “Standard” template. New templates include: Professional Services (that’s the one we …

Search Engine Optimization FAQs Expio

SEO Basics: Know Your CTRs (Click Through Rates)

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Google Search Console, and the Anatomy of a Search With over 7 billion searches happening every month, knowing how and why your website gets clicks, or doesn’t get clicks, is a crucial skill. Luckily, it’s not that difficult. One of the best uses of time when it comes to knowing your site SEO is looking at CTRs, or Click-Through-Rates. In …

How to Customize Notifications for Facebook Pages

How to Customize Notifications for Facebook Pages

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How to Customize Facebook Page Notifications For Page Admins Go to your Facebook Page timeline Click Settings Click Notifications (located on the left sidebar) Select which notifications you’d like to receive by how often, what activity, and whether you’d like to see them by email or text Managing Multiple Facebook Pages with Custom Notifications If you’re a Facebook page admin for …

9 Facts that Prove Social Media has Changed the World Forever

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Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Other Social Media Platforms’ Impact From relationships to how we choose our next meal, Social Media has woven itself into the fabric of mankind. Overkill much? We don’t think so. Check out the 9 Facts That Prove Social Media Has Changed the World Forever…   The Facts If Facebook were a country, it would be the third …


23 Ways to Achieve “High-Quality” Website Status

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A Google Expert’s Checklist “This website doesn’t load fast enough.” “This website has duplicate content.” “It needs quality content before Google will begin listing this site in Search.” “Your site has a bunch of issues.” “The Google listing for your business is all wrong.” The phone rings. It’s an SEO expert with a laundry list of problems you’ve never even …

The NLRB and Legal Considerations of Social Media - Expio Consulting

The NLRB and Legal Considerations for Employer’s Social Media Policies

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European Sports Cars, Hot Dogs, and What To Do If An Employee Posts Embarrassing Images on Social Media It can be awkward. An employee catches the attention of Social Media and the effects of a not-so-good-for-PR post makes its way all the way to the top, potentially putting said employee on the chopping block. The story below reflects a reality …